Here Are All The Politicians Running In Significant Races On Tuesday Who Don’t Believe In Climate Change


Tomorrow, November 6th, millions of Americans will vote in hundreds of hotly contested races at the state and federal levels of government. This is being called “the most important election of our lifetime” by the likes of the Washington Post, The Week, and more. While this designation is due, in large part, to issues like the economy, health care, and “the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities,” the fact of the matter is that climate change is possibly the most important issue being voted on in tomorrow’s midterms.

Not only are we on the edge of a knife, according to climate scientists, with only a decade to get climate change under control, but we currently have a presidential administration that regularly receives Fs on their environmental report cards.

The good news? Young voters aren’t down with this anti-environmental noise. According to a study unveiled at the 2016 United Nations Climate Change Conference, for 40 percent of young voters, climate change is the most important issue. Furthermore, fully 83 percent of Gen Z-ers surveyed believe that their governments need to listen to young people about climate change, and 80 percent believe that politicians have not done enough to address the matter.

Tomorrow’s election will be incredibly telling. “The most important climate actions” happen on the state level according to Vox. Additionally, per Axios, many climate fights are happening through state-level ballot initiatives and congressional climate policy. Meaning that the midterm elections may hold the key to turning around our approach to the environment.

Believing that the most effective way you can make a difference is by voting, we’ve put together a guide to all the politicians up for election tomorrow who don’t believe in climate change or otherwise have environmentally damaging political views. It’s no secret that young voter turnout can make a huge difference in the outcome of tomorrow’s races. To that we say: Get. Out. There.

Senate Races

Ted Cruz, Texas

Cruz was first elected to Senate in 2012; he’s running against House Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Cruz is a household name, thanks in large part to his failed 2015-2016 campaign for the GOP presidential ticket. But he should also be well-known for his anti-environmental policies. He has netted a 3 percent rating (out of 100) from the League of Conservation Voters, and during his primary campaign in 2015, he famously said, “The scientific evidence doesn’t support global warming.”