Popeyes Is Launching Their First Legit Chicken Sandwich Nationwide Next Week


Popeyes is launching its first legit chicken sandwich nationwide next week. Before you start shouting in the comments about the Popeyes Chicken Po’ Boy — chill out, because you know that a chicken tender between a French roll is NOT a chicken sandwich. Or a Po’ Boy. The new sandwich will include a buttermilk battered chicken filet served on a brioche bun with pickle chips and your choice of spicy Cajun sauce or mayo. We don’t want to seem ungrateful but if Popeyes would also offer a spicy filet, well, they might just take the crown for the best spicy chicken sandwich of all time.

If you’re already salivating all over yourself, fear not — you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the new sandwich, they’re set to hit Popeyes locations nationwide next Monday, August 12th. And if you’re a real Popeyes-head, and you live in So-Cal, you don’t even have to wait that long.

Starting today, you can try the sandwich at Long Beach’s Sweet Dixie Kitchen, a restaurant that made news two years prior for serving fried chicken from Popeyes and passing it off as their own. In a press release for the sandwich, Sweet Dixie owner Kim Sánchez says, “To be honest, I thought they were calling to sue me” and while that might be common practice for some of the more lame franchises out there, Popeyes saw a contemporary — not a lawsuit.

“We feel honored that the team at Sweet Dixie Kitchen likes our chicken so much… To acknowledge their admiration, we are granting them special access to pre-launch our new Chicken Sandwich for a few days before we launch it nationally,” said Popeyes head of marketing Bruno Cardinali, in a statement.

The new Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is available from August 8-9 at the Sweet Dixie Kitchen located at 401 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802.

UPDATE: Our esteemed editor-in-chief says that the sandwich has been served at Popeyes locations in New Orleans for a few weeks now and that it’s “f*cking fantastic.”