A New Postmates Feature Makes It Easier To Support Black-Owned Restaurants And Businesses

Postmates is making it easier to find and support black-owned restaurants and businesses on their app, thanks to a new search feature. In a recent press release announcing the new feature, the food delivery app also indicated their support for the nationwide protests calling for justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and the countless other victims of police brutality.

“We stand with those that need their voices heard and demands met. We’re committed to using our platform to effectively drive change, and change starts at home,” reads the statement, announcing a number of steps that Postmates is taking to support police reform such as joining the ACLU’s call for an independent review of the facts, donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, and signing on as an ally of Black Tech for Black Lives, a collective of Black tech entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and workers calling for social change and an end to police violence.

The new feature allows you to find a growing list of black businesses in your immediate area by simply typing “black-owned” in the Postmates search bar. In an era when delivery apps are being heavily criticized for egregious fees, Postmates will also be waiving all delivery fees from each restaurant in the “black-owned” category for an unspecified period.


“This is just the beginning of the changes we are planning to make. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, our restaurant partners, our Postmates Fleet, and each of you across the country,” the statement continues.

Postmates has also created an email address for people to reach out to on behalf of the businesses that are still being overlooked and unserved by delivery platforms, asking people to write their suggestions to Black-owned@postmates.com.