A Pastry Chef Is Being Called Out For Making An Easter Egg Some Feel Is Racist


It’s something we shouldn’t have to say, but if you’re celebrating Easter this month, please don’t make racist Easter eggs. And as obvious as that seems, it’s something Dutch pastry chef Frank Haasnoot would have been wise to keep in mind this weekend. The chef made waves on Instagram Saturday after he posted an Easter Egg depicting racist sterotypes. The egg was painted black and featured a gold crown, gold chains, stoned eyes, and an over-sized blunt. People were quick to point out how absolutely tone-deaf the post was.

Of course, after being called out, Haasnoot deleted the post — but this is the internet we’re talking about. Nothing goes away. Instagrammer Joshua David Stein screengrabbed the offensive egg and noted, “Racism, alive and well this Easter.”

So far, Haasnoot’s only response has been to post another Easter Egg. This time, it’s a “Skater” with a backwards cap, shades, and a board. Noticeably, the egg has not been painted any color.

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Sk8ter. #Chocolate #Easter #Throwback

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There is a bit of a cultural clash aspect at play here. Haasnoot is from the Netherlands where Zwarte Piet — a black face caricature of one of Santa’s helpers — is still very much a mass-celebrated icon. Still, we’ll see if Haasnoot ends up acknowledging this and apologizing. Until then, moments like this are a reminder to put these minstrel type caricatures and stereotypes where they belong, buried in the dustbin of history.

(via Eater)