These Tea-Based Cocktails Will Make Everyone’s April Fools Jokes More Tolerable

04.01.16 2 years ago


April is kind of a weird month when it comes to drinking cocktails. The winter months have their comforting, go-to toddies, buttered rums, and egg nog. Summer calls for cooling, tropical libations. But the early days of April are unpredictable; one day we have torrential rain and wind, the next, sun and promising gentle breezes. What we need are drinks that can play the same balancing act.

Tea-based cocktails are the answer. They can be strong, hot, and deeply comforting, or light, floral, and refreshing. Their flavors are innumerable, meaning almost every drinker can find a tea cocktail to suit his or her taste. Naturally, we’ve given you more than a few options to explore below.

With Love, Marilyn — by Sarah Karakaian for Measure Lounge — Langham Place, New York

Created as a nod to the iconic actress, Measure Lounge’s tea-based cocktail is the perfect splash into spring. At once delicate and tart, floral and snappy, it’s as close to the month of March in a glass as you might imagine. Avion Blanco Tequila is infused with lavender, then combined with Pink & Black tea, and topped with St. Germain foam.

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