The Best 90s Food And Drinks, According To The Masses

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The 90s are making a hell of a comeback. It’s no surprise, really, since people born in 1990 are approaching 30 and starting to dominate the national conversation. Shows like Everything Sucks are certainly helping usher in the 90s nostalgia train. The decade of Drop D guitars, stolen sunshine, and oh-so-many puka shell necklaces with Oakleys dangling from them is about to be in every corner of pop culture. Are you ready to go?

Over at Ranker, they took a dip back into the 90s to explore our favorite food and drinks from the era that went away too soon. It’s an Ecto-Cooler-Shark-Bites trip down memory lane. An exploration of the power and beauty of our 90s youth, if you will. Surprisingly, Surge didn’t crack the top ten and landed at 13th. Poor Crystal Pepsi ended up at 23rd. And the bowel destroying WOW! Chips ended up at 44th … which seems just about right.

To be fair, many of these products have made a comeback in one or another over the years. Let’s dive in.


Fruitopia was on the market from 1994-2003 with a definite peak in the late 90s when it was in every vending machine and 7-Eleven across the country. The dyed sugar water drink leaned into its “fruit” juice roots and delivered a high-fructose punch. If you were old enough in the 90s, Fruitopia was the best vodka mixer out there. Well, after Lemonade Snapple anyway.

You can still try it! A couple Fruitopia flavors were rebranded under Minute Maid. Just look for a Minute Maid Strawberry Passion (not to be confused with Thug Passion) and you’ll be taking a trip straight back to the Fruitopian 90s.


The combination of crunchy little french toast cubes with ample cinnamon and plenty of sugar was a massive hit back in the day. Then again, so was spiky gelled hair and Lit … so take that for what it’s worth.

French Toast Crunch hit that sweet spot of being both a perfect kids’ breakfast and a stoner’s dinner. It was so beloved that fans convinced General Mills to bring the product back after being discontinued in 2006.

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