Iconic Doughnut Shop Suspends All Eating Challenges After Horrific Choking Death

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04.05.17 7 Comments


Voodoo doughnuts is a Portland juggernaut. The doughnut shop has received international acclaim for diabetes-coma-inducing and nostalgia heavy fried dough concoctions. The company promotes itself by supporting artists, musicians, partnering with a brewer (everybody has a beer these days), and competitive doughnut eating competitions. Unfortunately, it’s that last one that has the shop in the news.

Over the weekend, Voodoo held one of its eating competitions in their Denver store — the Voodoo Doughnut’s Tex-Ass Doughnut Challenge. For a $4.50 entry fee, each contestant is given 80 seconds to finish the Tex-ass doughnut, a standard glazed doughnut the size of one’s head. If you’re curious, that translate to one-half pound of pure fried dough and sugar.

Around 1AM on Sunday morning, the paramedics were called to the Denver store when 42-year-old contestant Travis Malouff started to choke. He died of asphyxia on the scene due to a blocked airway according to reports from authorities.

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