VIDEO: Go Behind The Fireline With ‘Warriors Of The West’

Wildland firefighters battle raging wildfires that are vast, chaotic, and prone to causing widespread devastation. They jump out of planes with their gear strapped to them and run toward danger in burning forests and remote spaces. They do this knowing they may never return from weeks long campaigns that demand unimaginable diligence, instincts, and mental and physical toughness. And yet, despite the expanding coverage of wildfires in the news, firefighter’s stories are rarely told.

Created in partnership with Coors Banquet, the Warriors of the West docuseries details the harrowing job of fighting wildfires and the scope of these heroic missions. These heroes not only fight to preserve our beautiful, natural wonders and vital resources, but they work to save our way of life as these fires seemingly grow in frequency and intensity. After all, a fire in the hills feels far away until it jumps a freeway and starts destroying homes.

In this series, we take a look at the lives of wildland firefighters as they train, live, and battle massive blazes across America. We’re also introduced to both the families that carry the greatest burden when these warriors don’t make it home and the people at the Wildland Firefighters Foundation (WFF) that take it upon themselves to offer a helping hand.

Take a look at the above trailer to get a better sense of how this story will be told across the next few months in ‘Warriors Of The West,’ as Coors Banquet and UPROXX recognize that “where there is smoke, there are warriors.”

Coors Banquet is in its sixth year of supporting the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, donating over $1.5 million dollars to the foundation. Click the donate button on this page if you’d like to help protect our west by supporting the WFF.