Our Favorite Chefs Want To See These Food Trends Die In 2017

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It’s tempting to chase food trends. They’re splashy, enticing, and they photograph well. Sure, you might want to taste a rainbow bagel once or twice, but do you really want to settle down with it? Can some crazy overloaded milkshake truly please you the way an old fashioned Frosty can?

The trend-ization of food has certainly changed the game for chefs. They can’t just think about running restaurants anymore, they have to think about how each dish connects on social media. Not surprisingly, most of the chefs we know are a little burnt out on the whole deal. So when we asked them which trends they’d like to skewer, they were more than happy to oblige.

FOOD PORN — Chef Max Schlutz of Sessions West Coast Deli (Huntington Beach, CA)

Kimchee Burger! Yes please!😃👍🏻 Here's another look at my Kimchee Burger topped with Sunny Side up Egg! – My Seasonings are Available here ⬇️ Click the link in the bio -> @flavorGod or visit website: www.flavorgod.com – Much of my cooking has strong Korean influences. Kimchi is a daily part of my eating routine, Here I show case kimchi as the star of the dish. Kimchi is a super food. Video further down my page! – INGREDIENTS: 📌1lb-ground beef 📌1/4cup-scallions / diced 📌1/4cup-kimchee / diced fine 📌2 tbsp-minced garlic 📌2 tbsp-Panko bread crumbs 📌1 tbsp-sesame oil 📌1/2cup-cooked sushi grade rice 📌2 tbsp-#flavorgod seasoning 📌1 egg 📌sesame seeds – Garnish: with kimchi and charred scallions – Sauce: Is a Mixture of #flavorgod Cajun , mayo ,sriracha,minced garlic. – DIRECTIONS: ➡️scoop rice into Saran Wrap and mold into rice patties,sprinkle with sesame seeds. ➡️in a large bowl mix together ground beef,scallions,kimchee,garlic,bread crumbs, egg, and #flavorgod seasoning ➡️brush rice with vegetable or sesame oil ➡️pan sear both sides of rice patty set aside ➡️pan sear meat patties making sure to cook all the way through ➡️top rice patty with meat patty and top with more kimchee, grilled scallion and sauce. Enjoy! – Here's a breakdown on #FlavorGod Seasonings: FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders of $50.00+ in the US! – FlavorGod Seasonings Benefits: 🌿Made Fresh 🤗No SUGAR ☀️Gluten free, Paleo, KOSHER 🎯Low salt 🚨No MSG, No Soy 🚫No Fillers 💥0 Calories, 0 Carbs ⏰Shelf life is 12 months – 🌏 I Ship World Wide🌍 – Order Here: FlavorGod.com – #food #foodie #flavorgod #seasonings #glutenfree #paleo #foodporn #mealprep #kosher

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