You Can Actually Feed People By Deleting Your Stupid Instagram Food Posts

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Food is pretty great. It’s great to eat it, great to watch its competitive preparation, great to learn about its storied histories, great to play with it, and even great to be basically addicted to it. For some, however, their gastronomic happy place is reached most effectively through photo documenting their meals — skillfully, artfully— and hashtagging every single one of its components on their Instagram accounts. But other than maintaining cyber decorum and being a not entirely terrible person, these food photographers have never had a compelling reason to forfeit their foodie ways. That is, until now.

Land O’Lakes, the country’s largest producer of Paula Deen staples butter and cheese, has launched their genius Delete to Feed campaign, which promises to donate 11 meals to Feeding America food banks per every food pic removed from the photo-sharing service. “Instagram is full of food posts, but millions of Americans go hungry each year,” reads the project’s website. “You can make a difference. Turn your food posts into real meals.”

Participation is a piece of cake: simply connect your Instagram account to the website, select the self-indulgent images, then cast each deftly arranged eggs Benedict into the void. Each discarded post is tallied by the website and goes toward the campaign’s target goal of 2.75 million meal donations. So be a good samaritan, rid your social media of foodporn, and use Instagram only as it was intended: to relentlessly harass strangers.

(Via Grub Street)