Zima Officially Arrives Back In Stores For Anyone Wanting To Drink In ’90s Nostalgia


If you could excuse Gen X for a moment, they’ll be having a heartfelt reunion with a none more ’90s adult refreshment for a little bit.


The most infamous malternative beverage of the Clinton years has officially returned. Yes, the mighty Zima has returned to store shelves. Depending on your perspective, Zima is a silly ’90s punchline or a booze transportation system that was unjustly killed off. Either way, the mood online has been warm and cheery about the prospect of being reunited with dear sweet Zima.


MillerCoors announced earlier this year that they’d be moving forward with a Zima revival. The return of big Z will be a limited time offer (isn’t it all?) which means a limited window for this portal into the past. Of course, there’s always the possibility that if Zima’s a hit in 2017 and those clear bottles are cleared out with gusto. (Heck, La Croix would have been crucified in the ’90s if it were a national trend.)

Beverage giants traditionally like making money, so if Zima takes off it’s not unreasonable it can’t time travel for longer. And if not? Well, you’ve given OK Soda die-hards the spark of hope they need in their lives. That’s an acceptable consolation prize.