15 Must-Have Gifts For TV And Movie Fans

Finding the perfect gift for the movie lover or TV fan in your life should, in theory, be pretty easy. After all, there are hundreds of shows streaming right now and dozens of blockbusters available at our fingertips — there’s got to be something for even the pickiest of people on your shopping list, right?

Then again, having so many options means sifting through the junk to get to the hidden gems and one-of-a-kind memorabilia can be, well, kind of exhausting. Even Santa doesn’t have to do this much work. That’s why this year, UPROXX is dropping a handy buying guide for any cinephile and TV fanatic on your list. From choice comics to prep them for upcoming Marvel storylines to recipes for biscuits, movie pass subscriptions, quirky coffee table books, show-specific apparel, and more — we guarantee you’ll find something worth adding to your holiday cart here.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop Comic

Hawkeye by Fraction & Aja: The Saga of Barton and Bishop

This new trade paperback collects all 22 issues of the iconic comic run by Matt Fraction and David Aja that inspired the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series. Acclaimed for its sharp writing, superb characterization, and inventive storytelling, Hawkeye is the story that put the character of Clint Barton back on the map — and made Kate Bishop a household name. Even if you’re not familiar with comics, you’ll want to pick this book up. We promise you’ll be hooked.

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Ted Lasso Biscuits
Milk Bar

Ted Lasso DIY Biscuits

Even if you’re not great in the kitchen, Ted Lasso’s biscuit recipe is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. It literally has four ingredients in it, requires minimal kitchen utensils to make, and the delicious product is sure to delight almost anyone, even if they’re not a fan of the show. They make a great host/hostess gift, a thank you to your mailman, or a perfect snack for Santa. The official Ted Lasso biscuit recipe can be found at The Kitchn, and those perfect pink candy boxes can be found all over the internet. We like the ones from Nashville Wraps as they can hold a sizable portion of buttery biscuits, but they’re also small enough to evoke the feeling of having biscuits with the boss. Ted Lasso totally believes that you can make these.

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Criterion Channel
Criterion Channel

Criterion Channel Year Subscription

Film Twitter has been singing the praises of this carefully-curated streaming collection for years but there’s truly something for everyone here – whether you’re a proud cinephile or just starting to dive into the world of moviemaking. Themed collections, director-spotlighted streaming lists, arthouse finds, international fare, and of course, the classics – they can all be found here for a price tag that is shockingly reasonable considering all of the incredible storytelling at your fingertips. If you know someone who calls themselves a film fanatic and they don’t have this subscription, do them a favor this year.

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Squid Game Hoodie

Squid Game Icons Heliconia Hoodie

Yes, it’s still a travesty that virtually no Squid Game merch was available in time for Halloween this year, but let’s get real: everyone still wants a piece of the hottest show of 2021. Now, Netflix has a bunch of options depending on which side you fall on – player or guard – but this brightly-colored hoodie feels like the kind of statement piece any TV fan would want in their closet.

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Schitts Creek Colored Pencils
Pop Colors

Schitt’s Creek Colored Pencils from Pop Colors

Got a Schitt’s Creek fan in your life who also loves to dabble in the arts? This delightful set of colored pencils from Pop Colors makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Twelve vibrant pencils with color names like “Rosebud Motel”, “Fold in the Cheese”, and “The Crows Have Eyes III” will have your friends and family giving you the warmest regards for your excellent taste in gifts.

Maybe your friends and family haven’t yet gotten around to watching Schitt’s Creek? Pop Colors has you covered as they also offer pencil sets for other classic and beloved TV series such as Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, and The Office.

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Marvel Studios Book Set

The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

If you’re a hardcore Marvel fan, you’ll want to pick up this massive celebration of a decade’s worth of MCU secrets, stories, and special moments. Written by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, it’s the definitive bible for the superhero franchise that changed — and continues to change — moviemaking. Bennett and Terry uncover untold casting stories, new interviews, shocking revelations about some of the biggest Marvel films, and more.

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Movie Scratch Off Poster

Movie Scratch-Off Poster

When you think “scratch-offs” you probably think of gas station lottery tickets but this piece of film memorabilia is, dare we say, chic? A collection of 100 of the best movies of all time – everything from Star Wars to Jaws, The Shawshank Redemption, Get Out, and more are featured here – this scratch-off poster sports minimalistic miniature posters of some of our favorite films. Use it as an eye-catching piece of artwork for your walls or as a fun answer to the age-old question: “What should I watch tonight?”

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Matrix Trilogy Box Set
WB / Amazon

The Matrix Trilogy Box Set

Considering we’re about to dive back down the rabbit hole again, this incredibly robust box set feels like a must-have for any film fan. It red-pills viewers again with a hi-def version of each of the three films in the original trilogy, pairing them with a documentary on the making of The Matrix, an animated series of short films that builds out the Wachowski siblings’ universe, hours of commentary from the directors and casts, music videos, original artwork, storyboards, and more. Whether you’re digging for clues about the next installment or just wanting to relive the experience of watching a film that changed cinema forever, this is a must-have gift.

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D&D Explorers Guide
D&D Beyond

D&D Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Fans of Critical Role and Dungeons and Dragons can now create their own adventures in a familiar setting with this campaign book, featuring new guides, brand new creatures, and lots of familiar locations for Critical Role fans. Co-written by Critical Role Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer, it’s the perfect addition to your D&D adventures. How do you want to do this?

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Accidentally Wes Anderson Book

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has gained a film fan following thanks to the imaginatively idiosyncratic worlds he creates on-screen. From grand hotels to fox dens, summer camps, and small-town newspapers – he’s able to build colorful, quaint locales that match the quirkiness of his characters. This book asks the question: “What if a Wes Anderson movie came to life?” It answers it too, with a unique, conversation-starting travel guide to hidden gems and unusual landmarks around the world, all of which have that essence of peculiarity and otherness that Anderson features so heavily in his films. The director gives the book a foreword, and each stunning destination comes complete with a backstory in case you ever think of visiting for yourself. It’s a loving ode to a filmmaker’s body of work that doubles as inspiration for your next real-life adventure.

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Dune Board Game
Portal Games

Dune: House Secrets Boardgame

Let the spice (jokes) flow while you play this intricate, beautifully-designed board game based on director Denis Villeneuve’s theatrical adaptation. Whether you fully grasped the complicated, nuanced hierarchy at play in the futuristic feudal society of Dune or you just remember the parts with sandworms and Jason Momoa playing a character named Duncan Idaho, you’ll have a good time parsing out the mythology and backstory of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic. And, since we look to be getting a sequel to the film, this board game can also serve as a world-building primer for even more space adventures.

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Zola Book of Tweets

The Story by A’Ziah ‘Zola’ King

In case you didn’t know, the A24 shop has some fantastic, bespoke merch available for film fans looking for a more sophisticated way to celebrate their favorite studio picks. Personally, we love this interpretation of the Twitter thread that took the world by storm in 2015. Authored by A’Ziah King, or Zola as you may know her, this compilation of tweets reads like poetry… if any of the literary greats had the courage to write about stripper-trips-gone-wrong. It features a foreword by Roxanne Gay and an afterword by director Janicza Bravo, who helmed the film version of this tale that dropped earlier this year. Study it before watching the movie or keep it on your coffee table so you can launch into an epic re-telling of the road trip from hell whenever guests visit.

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The Office Funko Pop Calendar
Funko Pop

Funko Pop Advent Calendar – The Office

Serial bingers of The Office know that it is legit the gift that keeps on giving. Watching the classic sitcom over and over again is seriously one of the most soothing things on the planet. So, if you’re a fan of The Office—or have a fan in your life—this Funko advent calendar makes sure that the good times keep rolling right on through your very own Margarita-Karaoke Christmas bash. (Seriously, if you throw one of those, please make sure we’re on the invite list.)

For each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas, there’s a little Funko Dunder Mifflinite waiting to surprise. Just pop the box open and have some fun. That’s what she said. Er… that’s what Santa said?

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Fun City Cinema Book

Fun City: New York City And The Movies That Made It

New York is a city that means something different to everyone who’s been there, but the version of it that exists on film is iconic thanks to a handful of filmmakers who’ve spent years crafting the Big Apple through their lens. This book looks at how some of those movies shaped the city we know and love today, through gorgeous photos and in-depth interviews with names like Martin Scorsese, Greta Gerwig, Jennifer Westfeldt, Noah Baumbach, and more. It’s an ode to the Big Apple, yes, but also to the art of movie-making and it’s the perfect gift for cinephiles with an affection for some of the greats.

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Stranger Things Lego Set

Stranger Things “Upside Down” Lego Set

It’s hard to believe that we have been living in a Stranger Things-less world for almost three whole years. The fourth season is slated to premiere at some point in the spring of 2022, but that leaves a few months to wait for the continued adventures of our friends from Hawkins, Indiana. This Lego set is sure to help pass the time as your giftee ponders the still-unsolved mysteries of the Upside Down while assembling this masterpiece. Sadly, this set does not come with assistance from our favorite babysitter, Steve Harrington. But it’s still pretty great.

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