Adam Sandler Is The Undisputed King Of Product Placement In This Fascinating Supercut

Adam Sandler is a man of many interests. He likes taking his friends on vacation. He’s a pioneer when it comes to wearing clothes normally reserved for lawn mowing to premieres and media events. And he is very happy to put your product in his movie. Just ring up Happy Madison, tell them which fast food giant you work for and your fried treats will be treated with love and warmth on the big screen. It’s just that easy! Or at least it looks that way.

Laser Time has crafted an oddly mesmerizing supercut of the Sandman’s groundbreaking achievement in the art of product placement. He’s not selling out, dude. He’s buying in. Or something along those lines. Once you make it halfway through the video things almost take a surreal quality. That’s because four minutes makes for a surprisingly long highlight reel for sneak attack commercials in silly movies.

Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Hooters, Popeyes, Subway, KFC and roughly 9,000 other companies are placed on display in this orgy of marketing synergy. Did you forget that Eight Crazy Nights has that weird bit where store mascots help an animated de facto Sandler get over his grief and alcoholism? This supercut hasn’t forgotten. Give it a gander for yourself and feel the magic of unapologetic advertising tie-ins gracing the silver screen.