Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Drops In On The Cast Of The New ‘Power Rangers’ For A Surprise Interview

Amy Jo Johnson will forever be the only true Pink Ranger thanks to her role in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox. Many have come since her time in the role back in the mid-90s, but she has not forgotten her place. Johnson is a filmmaker now, promoting her film The Space Between — you might remember her Power Rangers-inspired celebration for hitting her funding goal on Indiegogo — but she still found some time to drop in on the latest teenagers with attitudes charged with defending the planet.

While current Power Rangers stars Dacre Montgomery, Ludi Lin, and Naomi Scott (the new Pink Ranger) were taking part in some PR interviews, Johnson dropped in for a surprise session. The trio was a little overwhelmed at first, as you can see in the clip, but soon came around to take on Johnson’s questions. Aside from questions about the differences between the old and new Power Rangers, Johnson was curious if the impact for children would be the same as it was when the original series hit the airwaves.

Lin took on the question, pointing out some of the interactions the cast has already had with fans and sharing his hopes that the older fans will join the newer fans in enjoying the new film. This seemed up in the air when news spread that the original cast wasn’t asked to be involved with the new film, but the latest trailers have attempted to appeal to the tone of the original show.

Johnson isn’t the only original Power Ranger to meet with a member of the new cast. Jason David Frank took a break from wanting to challenge CM Punk to a fight to meet with Ludi Lin and promote an upcoming mobile game titled Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. The game seems to bridge the gaps between the long history of the Rangers TV shows and films, so it’s fitting the two would be charged with promoting the game. The game will be released on March 23rd, leading right into the film’s release the following day.