Margot Robbie And Her ‘Barbie’ Co-Stars Were Delighted By Their Character Dolls

Do you think Harrison Ford owns a toy of Indiana Jones or Han Solo or Dr. Richard Kimble? (If there aren’t any Dr. Richard Kimble toys, there should be.) Maybe the better question is: has Harrison Ford ever bought a toy? The answer to both is, I assume, “no.” He does not seem like someone who would find enjoyment in a miniature version of himself, unlike the cast of Barbie, who were beaming when they were presented with dolls of their characters.

“I love it!” Margot Robbie reacted to a Barbie wearing her Perfect Day outfit from the Greta Gerwig-directed film. “[It’s] actually incredibly accurate to exactly the outfit I wear in the movie, right down to the little love heart on the show.” (There’s also a cowboy Barbie as seen in the “humiliating” set photos.) Issa Rae was equally delighted. “Shout out to Greta Gerwig,” she said, “because she was like, ‘What would your president look like?’ and I was like, ‘I just feel like she’d be in a ballgown’, and she was like ‘Done.'”

Ryan Gosling isn’t in the video, but Ken and his “Ken-ergy” was represented by Simu Liu. “This is Ken me! His hair is so perfectly coiffed, I’m a little jealous to be honest,” the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star said.

You can buy the dolls here and watch the video below.

Barbie opens on July 21st (unless Tom Cruise gets his way).