‘Batman V Superman’ Becomes A Wacky Buddy Cop Movie In A Superb Mashup

Despite any criticism that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may have received (or lead actors it put to sleep), people still love making mashups from that beautiful bean footage, as evidenced by some of the related links below. The newest mashup comes from ChiefBrodyRules, who reimagined Batman V Superman as a buddy cop movie, starring reluctant partners Batman and Superman.

Perry White didn’t demand anyone’s badge and gun, but many other buddy cop tropes made it in, thanks to music from familiar buddy cop comedies as well as footage and audio from several movies, including Batman V Superman, Man Of Steel, Suicide Squad, Jersey Girl (audio), The Dark Knight Rises, Cop Out, RoboCop, The Fifth Element (audio), Hancock, Superman Returns, Predator 2, Gone Girl, Justice League, Metro, Incredibles (audio), The Departed, Wayne’s World, Superman 2 (audio), Bad Boys 2, Taken, and Lethal Weapon 4. Batman is getting too old for this sh*t.

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(Via ChiefBrodyRules and /film)