‘Batman V Superman’ Might Be In Line For An R-Rating, Too, Sort Of

Deadpool‘s astronomically huge opening weekend had grave consequences even before it happened, but there’s also a whole host of R-rated imitators currently sitting in the back of some studio executive’s consciousness. Actually, this subject came out in some boardroom meetings already. Other comic book movies will try to bottle this rare slice of wonderment for themselves. The question remains, will it work?

There’s no freaking way we could ever see a naughty Captain America film, but Deadpool‘s success helped capture an R-rated plan for Wolverine 3. Now, will DC/Warner Bros. get in on this business? Warner Bros. clearly pays a lot of attention to trends and what people say on the internet. So, perhaps Deadpool enticed them to move for an R-rating on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, or at least they are sort of doing so.

Several outlets are grabbing onto some tweets from Stitch Kingdom, an unofficial news source for Disney. There’s really no clear motive or purpose behind the account’s dissemination of this rumor, but here are some tweets hinting at an R-rated “Ultimate Edition” of the film, which has been upgraded for “sequences of violence.”

If this is true, the R-rated edition would be a way to entice megafans to shell out for different versions of the home release, but IGN has some thoughts on why this makes more than monetary sense:

With the film’s darker tone, it stands to reason Warner Bros. may have been influenced to release a more violent version of Batman v Superman — perhaps in part thanks to the success of the record-breaking opening for the R-rated Deadpool.

Yep, it’s pretty easy to attribute this news to Deadpool‘s success even though it’s still fresh, but could this talk possibly be true? Well, if one pops over to, two different ratings appear for the movie. The PG-13 version correlates with the Warner Bros. theatrical release, and an R-rated version (the “Ultimate Edition”) gets listed under the Warner Home Entertainment tag. Very mysterious stuff, indeed.

(Via IGN)