Channing Tatum Insists That He’s A Better Stripper Than One Of His ‘Weirdly Flawless’ ‘Magic Mike’ Co-Stars (And JLo)

Channing Tatum might be hanging up his dancing jeans soon, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t consider himself the best of the best when it comes to stripping.

While gearing up to promote Magic Mike’s Last Dance, aka “The Super Bowl of stripper movies,” Tatum took one of those Vanity Fair lie detector tests, which is the new way to get celebrities in trouble with their co-stars and peers. He was asked if he would consider himself a better stripper than Joe Manganiello, his Magic Mike co-star and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday alum.

Tatum responded that he is “100%” better than Manganiello. “We’re different classes of strippers,” he explained, before complimenting his co-star. “When you look in the dictionary next to the perfect specimen of a man, probably Joe Manganiello is one of the bodies that pops up. He’s kinda weirdly flawless.”

The actor then added that no matter how perfect Manganiello is, he could never be Tatum. “But, as far as stripping goes. I would put myself above him, dance-wise. Sorry, Joe.” Maybe Step Up needs to return for one final dance too, in order to really settle the score.

The interviewer then asked about another star who had a recent stripping movie, Jennifer Lopez. “I would go harder if I was stripping against her,” Tatum said with confidence. “I’m just gonna go real hard. You gotta go hard if you’re gonna go against the JLo.” This is true because she has that unstoppable Dunkin Donuts power behind her.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance will slide and shimmy its way into theaters on February 10th. Check out the trailer here.