Channing Tatum And Tom Hardy Will Star In Movie About The Afghanistan Evacuation

If there are two actors better suited to play a couple of military men than the frequently-buzz-cut and ever-shredded Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy, they’re two actors I’ve never heard of. In what seems like mere fate, the charming-and-chiseled pair has officially been cast in an upcoming Universal Pictures “fact-based drama about the Afghanistan evacuation” written by George Nolfi (Timeline, Ocean’s Twelve, The Bourne Ultimatum) and produced by the aforementioned trio of creatives. While the film has yet to receive a title or director, a bit more about the plot and Tatum and Hardy’s roles within the movie have been revealed.

According to Deadline, “the story is based on recently reported true stories, this one focusing on three former special forces team members who jump back into the fray alongside their Afghan counterparts, to rescue families and allies left behind amid the rapid fall of Afghanistan last August.” While it’s still unknown who the third special forces member will be, we can pretty safely assume Tatum and Hardy will be portraying two of the men returning to Afghanistan to aid with the evacuation.

In addition to Tatum and Hardy, Jules Daly and both Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan of Free Association are on board to help produce the film. Nolfi will serve as its executive producer and senior vice president of production, Ryan Jones, will oversee the project on behalf of Universal. As of now, no other details have been announced.