Amazon’s Much-Mocked ‘Cinderella’ May Wind Up Getting An Oscar After All

Last week, in a naked attempt to court more viewers uninterested in their artistic nominations, the Oscars announced a new, strange category: It’s called #OscarsFanFavorite, and it gives social media addicts the chance to fête a movie that actually made some money. Perhaps it can go to movie theatergoers obvious favorite: a little movie called Spider-Man: No Way Home, which has now outgrossed even Avatar (not adjusted for inflation, that is). Or maybe it will backfire even amusing fashion.

That might be the case, as Deadline reports that right now, the leading horse is Cinderella, Amazon’s much-mocked musical take on the classic fairy tale, featuring Camila Cabello, James Corden, and Billy Porter as the “Fabulous Godmother.” It’s not exactly a critical darling. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a mere 43%. But audiences don’t seem that smitten with it either, with an audience score of only 60%.

So does young social media secretly love it? Or re a bunch of chuckleheads bombing the system because they think it’ll be funny when the snicker-inducing Cinderella movie is more successful at the Oscars than the award-gobbling South Korean drama Drive My Car? Whatever the case, given the silliness of the category, people on Twitter thought it was apropos.

Then again, it’s not too late to deep six a category that seems about as respected as the quickly aborted Popular Movie mishegoss from 2018.

(Via Deadline)