A ‘Labyrinth’ Board Game Based On the Film Has David Bowie Fans In a Frenzy

The passing of David Bowie was perhaps one of the more difficult moments of 2016. While David Bowie has a large body of musical work that he’s revered for, there is an entire generation that was raised thinking of David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from the Jim Henson classic, Labyrinth.

DailyDot reports that River Horse Games has just announced that pre-orders are live on the Labyrinth board game, which will be shipping this summer. This is from the same team that’ll be bringing My Little Pony and Hunger Games licensed board games into the world. The game is retailing for $50 and fans are apparently frothing at the mouth for what will undoubtedly be a collector’s item. The impeccable timing of a posthumous release doesn’t hurt, either. Apparently, River Horse has been having a tough time even keeping their site online because they are so overwhelmed by the traffic and demand for the game.

The game actually looks pretty fun to play, too, which is the most important part. Granted, I wouldn’t be shocked if people bought these, kept it in the packaging and hoped for a shortage within a few years before hocking them on eBay or whatever kind of futuristic eBay might exist. Most likely it’ll be something that David Bowie had imagined back in the ’70s in a strange haze where we’ll all be dressed like androgynous space people.

(Via DailyDot)