‘Deadpool 2’ May Add Three New Characters To Set Up An ‘X-Force’ Movie

05.10.17 10 months ago

20th Century Fox

Deadpool reportedly had only a $58 million budget, which necessitated cutting several characters Fox executives deemed too expensive, until they finally settled on Colossus, Angel Dust, Ajax, and Negasonic, what?. Now they’re working with a bigger budget for Deadpool 2, and they’ve already added Cable (Josh Brolin) and possibly Domino to the roster. Co-writer Rhett Reese has said they want “a lot of characters,” and it also seems clear they want to bring together the X-Force, which makes this new rumor unsurprising.

According to Comic Book, three more X-Force characters are being cast in Deadpool 2. Potential spoilers ahead.

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