George Miller Cast A Young Boy In ‘Furiosa’ After A Clip Of Him Being Bullied Went Viral

In early 2020, a mother of a young boy with dwarfism named Quaden Bayles was fed up with his school not doing anything to combat bullying, so she decided to film him tearfully explaining that he was being bullied by classmates and friends. This video quickly went viral, and suddenly celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Mark Hamill came to send love to Bayles, who then became an overnight sensation. Now, almost three years later, Bayles is about to make his big-screen debut thanks to George Miller.

Bayles will have a short cameo in Miller’s upcoming movie Three Thousand Years Of Longing, alongside Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba. Miller reached out to the family after seeing his viral video, and then invited him to have a small role in the film. “It was good for us and it was good for him,” Miller told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Not only will Bayles be seen on screen in Three Thousand Years Of Longing, but he also secured a spot in the highly-anticipated Mad Max prequel. “He did such a good job that he’s got a small role in Furiosa,” Miller explained.

Furiosa will star Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular heroine, set years before the events of Mad Mad: Fury Road. The movie is slated for a 2024 release when Bayles will get his second on-screen role.

The moral of the story is that bullying is bad, but acting in a dangerous dystopian thriller is just fine and even encouraged! Good work by everyone here.

(Via EW)