Jennifer Lawrence Will Star In Adam McKay’s New Drama About The Theranos Debacle

America’s sweetheart (non-Beyoncé division) Jennifer Lawrence may have come across her next Academy Award beckoning role. What? No, it’s not a big screen adaptation of The Bill Engvall Show. What an odd conclusion to jump to.

Deadline reports that Lawrence will be the lead in an upcoming drama from The Big Short helmer Adam McKay. JLaw will portray real life Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, who was once valued by Forbes at $4.5 billion thanks to her privately held health-technology company. That net worth assessment has since been changed by the magazine to a big fat zero with Theranos Inc. currently under investigation by federal prosecutors and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. McKay has already shown his credentials tackling wrongdoing with big money at stake in films like The Big Short and The Other Guys, plus Lawrence nabbed an Oscar nom portraying another real-life entrepreneur courtesy of 2015’s Joy. There’s reason to be excited, is what we’re getting at.

Elsewhere in JLaw’s pipeline of promising upcoming films, this seems as good a time as any to point out that Morten Tyldum’s Passengers is due out later this year. (December 21, to be precise.) The sci-fi offering sees Lawrence and Chris Pratt as prematurely woken passengers on a 120-year flight to a colony planet. A very early look at the movie at CinemaCon two months back produced rave reviews for the pair’s chemistry, although we didn’t get confirmation on if you can tell JLaw got loaded for her sex scene with Pratt.

(Via Deadline)