Kevin Smith Unveils The ‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’ Take On Tony Stark In An ‘Iron Bob’ Clip

Kevin Smith is leaving no nerd stone unturned in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, as one would expect from the guy who’s possibly watched Avengers: Endgame about 8,000 times by now. Smith is even to the point where he more than suggested that Martin Scorsese helmed “the biggest superhero movie ever” (in response to Marty sniffing at Marvel Studios movies), so he’s nerding-out pretty hard on several levels. In that light, no one should be at all surprised to see that Smith’s tucking in as many Marvel references as possible, and that includes the movie’s take on Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Oh yes, Smith went there, possibly after smoking too much Snoochie Boochies. In the below Instagram clip, Smith shares how Silent Bob goes even further than when he “pulled a Batman off the elevator” in Mallrats. As Smith explains, he often dives deep into wish fulfillment in the View Askewniverse, and to that end, he’s introducing … Iron Bob.

God help us all if Iron Bob needs to save Earth from whatever the View Askewniverse’s version of Thanos will be, but I really wouldn’t put it past Smith to make a reference to the Mad Titan as well. After all, nothing is off limits for Smith’s unique brand of cinematic tribute. At least we know that Jason Mewes won’t be yelling this Mallrats line in Reboot.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot arrives on October 15.