Even The Customs Officers At The Airport Who Interrogated Michael Cera Are Really Excited About The ‘Barbie’ Movie

It sure seems like Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is shaping up to be the most chaotic pink-tinted movie since Legally Blonde hit theaters all those years ago. Ever since the set photos dropped last summer and revealed Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as their doll counterparts, it has become increasingly clear that this movie might change the way cinema is perceived for the rest of time (unless Cocaine Bear does it first).

The movie obviously has its fair share of fans, thanks to the fact that everyone has at least heard of, owned, or destroyed their sibling’s Barbie doll at some point in their life (they should not make the heads so easy to pop off). But one of the film’s stars, Michael Cera, wasn’t quite prepared for the fan response that he received after heading abroad to film.

“It’s really crazy. I’ve never been part of a movie that already had fans before we even made it,” Cera told The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview. The Barbie movie, pretty memorably, had fans waiting by the set to get a glimpse of Robbie and her hot pink ensembles. Even though Robbie was embarrassed by the viral moment, it did help Cera get through customs while on his way to shoot the movie, so that’s a plus.

Cera continued, “When I was going through customs in the U.K., they asked what I was coming in for, and I said I was working on the Barbie movie, and one of the customs officers said, ‘Who’s in that?’ and the customs officer next to him was like ‘Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie are in it!'” Thanks to the one customs agent with good taste in real cinema, Cera was free to go and star in the movie.

While it has not been revealed who Cera is playing in the movie, the trailer seems to allude to the fact that there are dozens (hundreds?) of other Kens running around out there, so we might be looking at our first-ever socially awkward and shy Ken doll, thanks to Cera.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)