North West’s Debut Song ‘Talking/Once Again’ Now Has An Official Video Featuring Her Dad, Kanye

Kanye West may be on the outs with basically the entire entertainment industry (save for a few of his “friends” in the rap world*) at this point, but it looks like he may have found the perfect way back in: Riding on the coattails of his lovable 10-year-old daughter, North West.

North has previously expressed her desire to follow in pops’ footprints, and recently, had been performing her own debut single at his listening events. Now, that song, officially titled “Talking/Once Again,” has a music video, and of course, it features North confidently rapping at the camera as her father lurks nearby, like Puff in all of Biggie’s videos. He doesn’t even have the decency to dance.

*(Let’s be real here: Being friends with characters like Chris Brown, DaBaby, and Marilyn Manson probably isn’t doing him any favors, either.)

If this reads a little cynical, sorry — not sorry. The whole exercise feels this way; in addition to using his kid to Trojan Horse his way back into the spotlight, Kanye also uses the video to push his regressive views on femininity, which reads especially gross after he excoriated his ex-wife for letting their daughter play around with makeup on TikTok, then paraded his new wife/dress-up doll around in a literal plastic bag not a full 48 hours ago.

I have no thoughts on the quality of the song that I care to share but I do feel bad for North. Being the child of divorced parents isn’t much fun and doing it in the spotlight, with access to opportunities few other kids will ever get will probably only exacerbate things. In any event, the song will allegedly appear on Kanye’s new album Vultures with Ty Dolla Sign, but it’s anyone’s guess when that’ll actually come out — if ever. You can watch the “Talking/Once Again” video above.