Steve-O’s ‘Delusional Vision’ For His Career Ends With Fake Breasts And A Bullet Wound, Apparently

As Jackass Forever prepares to hit theaters next month, Steve-O is pulling double duty as the wild stuntman also kicks off his new comedy tour, The Bucket List, which he hopes will bring him towards the final evolution in his career, where his life will still be in imminent danger, but at least Marc Maron will finally respect him. Maybe. It’s a lot.

In a lengthy profile that goes all the way back to his misadventures in the sixth grade, Steve-O (real name: Stephen Glover) opens up about his whirlwind life of working in carnivals, starring in Jackass, and his well-documented struggles with substance abuse and recovery. While Steve-O openly admits that his career until now was never part of a grand design and was mostly him flying by the seat of his pants, he does have an oddly specific plan for moving past his Jackass persona and going out in a blaze of glory as just Steve Glover, stand-up comedian. Naturally, it involves getting breast implants and having a gun fired at his face. Via Men’s Health:

To get to this oasis, Glover has mapped out what he calls a “delusional vision.” First, Jackass director Tremaine will watch The Bucket List and agree to help him present it to Netflix, which will buy and distribute it, enabling Glover to play his next shows in arenas. “That felt grandiose and kind of crazy, but I can’t help it,” he says of dreaming aloud of something on that scale. His final outing will be the Gone Too Far tour and will feature, among other stunts, Glover receiving breast implants (“huge, hairy man titties,” as he says); getting a penis tattooed over his eyebrow; and having a bullet shot through his open jaw, which will cause comedy “purists” like Marc Maron to take him seriously as a stand-up. Then he will finally be free from the blessed trap of being Steve-O: generating enough attention to fulfill his primal need but in a way that keeps him from garnering the esteem he truly craves.

Later in the interview, Steve-O reveals that he’s been concerned about his stage name going all the way back to 1996 and was afraid the nickname would stick. Clearly, he was right, so we wish him the best of luck in untethering himself from the Steve-O moniker. And with the whole “bullet through the mouth thing.” Although, maybe he should reconsider that one. Maybe. Just think about it, Steve-O.

(Via Men’s Health)