‘The Flash’ Director Has Already Revealed That A ‘Comic Book Fanatic’ Will Cameo As [SPOILER]

WARNING: Spoilers for The Flash below.

Continuing Warner Bros. Discovery’s latest trend of revealing cameos before the movie even comes out, The Flash director Andy Muschietti has confirmed the film will contain a surprisingly deep pull for comic book fans. Thanks to the multiversal shenanigans in The Flash that will pull Michael Keaton’s Batman into the mix (along with Michael Shannon’s General Zod, from Man of Steel) Nicolas Cage will finally get a chance to debut his version of Superman.

Via Variety:

“Nic was absolutely wonderful,” Muschietti said. “Although the role was a cameo, he dove into it…I dreamt all my life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon.”

“He is a massive Superman fan. A comic book fanatic,” Muschetti added.

As comic book fans know, Cage was set to star in a Superman film from Tim Burton that never saw the light out of day. Over the years, apparent images of Cage’s costume (and super-mullet) have been revealed, and in 2022, the actor was actually asked about a fan theory that his Superman could finally meet Keaton’s Batman in The Flash.

“I have to be careful what I say about this stuff. What is it about comic books that [everything] just goes everywhere exponentially within split seconds?” Cage told Rolling Stone. “It certainly would be interesting. It certainly would be interesting.”

However, Cage showed he’s ready for the modern world of carefully protecting superhero spoilers by saying its a “positive” that no one saw his Superman. “It left the character, and what Tim and I might have gotten up to, in the realm of imagination — which is always more powerful than that is concrete.” Although, Cage tellingly conceded that he is bummed that no one saw his Supes. “I think it would have been special.”

The Flash zooms into theaters on June 16.

(Via Variety)