Tom Cruise Sent A ‘Rolodex Of Sorts’ To Timothée Chalamet In An Effort To Help Him Become A Stunt-Daredevil, Too

Timothée Chalamet sat down for a new GQ profile in honor of his upcoming role in Wonka alongside Hugh Grant as an Oompa Loompa. In the process, he addressed the awkwardness of filming a cannibal romance movie at around the same time that those Armie Hammer allegations surfaced. Additionally, he discussed how much he enjoys Top Gun: Maverick, which he claims to have seen “eight times” while filming Dune: Part Two.

Hmm. That’s a bit of an obsession. Chalamet further admitted that he even rented out a theater in Budapest and took the Dune: Part Two cast and crew with him. And it seems like the feeling might be mutual because Chalamet revealed that Tom advised him to brush up on heavy stunt training. The Mission: Impossible runner even sent him a ton of names and phone numbers, so that Chalamet could maybe learn how to drive off motorcycle off a cliff, too. Would that be going overboard? Perhaps, but that’s the Cruise way:

“After I met Tom Cruise, right after finishing the first Dune, he sent me the most wonderfully inspiring email,” Chalamet said. It included a Rolodex of sorts of all the experts he might need for stunt training. A motorcycle coach. A helicopter coach. “He basically said, in Old Hollywood, you would be getting dance training and fight training, and nobody is going to hold you to that standard today. So it’s up to you. The email was really like a war cry.”

I think we can all agree that Timothée Chalamet does not need to drive off a cliff. Nor does he need to perch atop a speeding train while taking a break from filming. Only one person feels the need for speed to do so, and we all know who that would be. To quote Highlander, “There can be only one [dude who climbs the Burj Khalifa].”

(Via GQ)