When Will ‘The Boogeyman’ Be On Streaming?

It’s been a long time since we first learned that Stephen King’s story The Boogeyman would be adapted into a film, and after years of waiting, the movie finally hit theaters this summer. The spooky tale tells the story of two sisters (Yellowjackets Sophie Thatcher and Vivien Lyra Blair) and their dad (Chris Messina) as they grieve the sudden loss of their mother. The father, a therapist, gets an unwelcome visit from one of his patients who leaves behind a spooky entity known as The Boogeyman, which feeds off the family’s trauma. It’s a bit like The Babadook but without that creepy book.

The movie is based on Stephen King’s beloved (and horrifying) short story, which has already been made into several adaptations due to its simple but horrifying presence. Originally, the film was meant to be streaming-only, but thanks to some positive test screenings, it was released in theaters in June.

The Boogeyman is currently available on demand on YouTube, Vudu, AppleTV+ and others, while a DVD release will hit stores on October 10th. While a streaming date has not yet been announced, there is a good chance the film will end up on Hulu in time for everyone’s favorite spooky tradition, Huluween. Until then, you might have to settle for The Babadook.

(Via Collider)