Gangsta Boo Was Left Out Of The 2023 Grammys’ ‘In Memoriam’ Segment And Rap Fans Cried ‘Foul’

When it comes to hip-hop artists, the Grammys are far from the only award show to get themselves into hot water with an ill-timed omission. But they have been uniquely consistent in overlooking artists whose contributions to rap feel as crucial as their omissions have been glaring. Unfortunately, this year proved no different as the In Memoriam segment left out one of Southern Rap’s true pioneers: Gangsta Boo, who passed at 43 on New Year’s Day.

Rap fans were rightfully miffed when they didn’t see Gangsta Boo’s name during the segment. Gangsta Boo, who was a founding member of Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia before embarking on a respected and successful solo career of her own, has been honored by many of her peers, collaborators, and fans in the month since her death was announced. Unfortunately, for the Grammys to overlook her contributions constitutes an oversight far too familiar to the female pioneers of hip-hop.

That said, there are a lot of other ways the Grammys could have whiffed that it avoided. During ABC’s 2022 retrospective special, a photo of Quavo was used during a tribute to Takeoff, prompting the familiar outcry that “not all Black people look alike.” During the Grammys, Quavo offered a tribute of his own to Takeoff, performing his song “Without You” backed by a gospel choir.

The Grammys continue to announce this year’s winners; you can follow along here.