50 Cent Is ‘Sick’ Because Comcast Removed ‘Power’ From Their Network And Has Begun Trolling Them

50 Cent is used to getting heat for his Starz show Power. Most recently, the rapper faced backlash from fans for replacing Joe’s verse with Trey Songz on the show’s theme song. But this time it’s 50 who’s dishing out his disappointment. He began trolling Comcast Xfinity Saturday on social media when he found out the telecommunications conglomerate was removing Starz from their network, thereby taking away Power from their channels.

50 began by posting a snippet of himself from an episode of the show. “I’m sick right now so I lose millions of viewers today because of Comcast,” he wrote. “They are dropping STARZ no more POWER, I’m dead.”

The rapper then began a lengthy Twitter campaign aimed at rallying fans to call their Comcast provider to try to convince the mega-company to keep his beloved show.

50 then moved on to a more comical approach and began spamming Comcast on Twitter. “Cool people I met today in Arlington, the Texas take over. I was having a good day till they called me with this Comcast bullshit. No more POWER,” he wrote in one post.

“Xfinity Comcast did this to me on season 6, of POWER I’m dead,” he wrote in another tweet, posting a photo of himself as a cadaver on the show.

“Put the f*cking show back on by Monday,” he wrote to Comcast in another tweet.

Fans in each’s tweet’s thread were suggesting that the rapper shop around for other networks, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to troll Comcast.

Power is currently midway through its sixth season. Because Comcast provides TV service to a significant portion of Americans, their decision to drop Starz could cause the show’s ratings to drop.