50 Cent Is Nonplussed By The Game’s Assertion That Kanye West Did More For Him Than Dr. Dre

When The Game made the claim that Kanye West has done more for his career in two weeks than Dr. Dre did in the nearly two decades since his debut album, many people were confused and surprised — including one of Game’s oldest frenemies, 50 Cent. It took a while for the headline to find the Power producer but once he saw it, he couldn’t contain his reaction, which could best be described as “nonplussed.”

“Hun, what happen here?” 50 tweeted along with a screenshot of the quote in question. He didn’t elaborate, but it’s one of those situations that doesn’t need explanation. It was Dr. Dre who brought The Game into the Aftermath/G-Unit machine, producing several of the Compton rapper’s earliest hits, including “Westside Story” and “How We Do,” which both featured 50 Cent. It’s probably reasonable to attribute all the success The Game has had to those early moves giving him such a solid foundation and a fanbase.


However, 50 Cent was also a major factor in Game’s falling out with Dr. Dre, resulting in Game’s second album being released by Geffen, another subsidiary of Interscope, rather than Dre’s own Aftermath imprint. The Game wouldn’t reunite with Dre until 2011’s The R.E.D. Album, his fourth album. That being said, Kanye West has had a presence on Game’s albums since the first as well and produced the song “Eazy,” which brought new attention to The Game in 2022. Maybe recency bias is the reason for Game making such a bold statement — either that or the profuse amount of alcohol he apparently consumed while filming his Drink Champs interview — but it looks like at least one of his peers isn’t buying it.