The Game Says Kanye West Did More For Him In Two Weeks Than Dr. Dre Did His Whole Career

Over the course of his nearly-20-year career, Compton rapper The Game has been renowned, respected, and ridiculed for his charismatic storytelling, which can range from introspection on intimate moments between himself and his rap game associates to wild, borderline unbelievable tales of late-night shootouts with compatriots such as 50 Cent. Even more of the same is undoubtedly on the way when he appears on NORE’s Drink Champs podcast this week, which the cast’s Instagram page announced along with a teaser of one of the more outrageous moments to come.

In the teaser clip, Game asserts that Kanye West, with whom he recently collaborated on the song “Eazy,” famous for featuring Kanye’s line about beating up his ex’s new man, has done more for Game than Dr. Dre did in the Compton rapper’s whole career. This is, of course, after he spends at least part of the interview with a black balaclava and winter coat before overheating and removing both.

That said, the wild claim has Twitter buzzing, because even accounting for recency bias, there’s no way Game can truly believe that — his sophomore album is called Doctor’s Advocate, for crying out loud (even if it was released on Geffen after Game left Aftermath over his falling out with 50 Cent). Some have attributed the comment to Game’s supposed bitterness over being left off Dre’s recent Super Bowl halftime show performance, but he shot down that supposition early, saying, “I don’t feel no way about not being included.” Then again, Drink Champs has kind of become the go-to podcast for making over-the-top claims to promote new work — even for Game’s benefactor Kanye.

You can check out the clip, as well as some of the reactions to it, below.