50 Cent Had A Simple Reaction To Getting His First Song With 1 Billion Streams On Spotify

“In Da Club” was a huge moment for 50 Cent. It was the lead single from 50’s 2003 debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and it launched the album on a high note, as it ended up become the rapper’s first No. 1 single. Ultimately, the track was one of the defining songs of its era: In 2009, it ranked at No. 24 on Billboard‘s decade-end chart.

The song remains beloved, too. 50 got to perform it at the Super Bowl earlier this year and it was one of the halftime show’s most memorable moments. Furthermore, recently, Spotify revealed that the song had surpassed 1 billion streams on the platform, making it 50’s first track to do so. Currently, it has an additional 3.8 million or so streams on top of the billion. 50 shared the news on Instagram and offered a simple reaction: “take your time and make it a classic.”

It turns out the song very nearly wasn’t the lead Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ single. Eminem, a producer on the album, previously revealed, “We couldn’t decide on the first single from Get Rich. It was going to be either ‘If I Can’t” or ‘In Da Club.’ We were torn, so me, 50, Paul [Rosenberg], Chris Lighty, and Jimmy Iovine decided to flip a coin.”

Revisit the “In Da Club” video below.