A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie And Backpack Kid Pay Homage To Michael Jackson In The ‘Look Back At It’ Video

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Backpack Kid play class clown in the nostalgic video for A Boogie’s hit single “Look Back At It,” from his No. 1 album, Hoodie SZN. The video, directed by JMB, is a remake/homage to Michael Jackson’s video for “Black And White,” with Backpack Kid standing in for Macauly Culkin. It finds Backpack Kid transported, Pleasantville
The similarities end at the intro, although the song itself does continue to reference the King Of Pop with flows borrowed “You Rock My World” and “Remember The Times.” The rest of the video sees A Boogie pursuing a crush throughout the high school halls with a customized letterman jacket while Backpack Kid does his signature “Flossin'” dance — the same one he and his mother/manager have been suing the creators of Fortnite over.

Hoodie SZN recently set a record for lowest straight record sales for a No. 1 album, with the vast majority of its equivalent sales coming from streaming. Its success signals that the shift in music consumption habits may be nearing its peak — and it’s a shift A Boogie has embraced 100 percent.