Amber Coffman’s ‘Nobody Knows’ Sounds Like A Dirty Projectors Throwback

All signs point toward Amber Coffman’s new album being the better of the two totally-not-dueling-but-we’re-gonna-compare-them-anyway albums. Before today Dirty Projectors apologists could argue that we’re not comparing like to like. After all, Coffman’s been releasing breezy, Laurel Canyon-y music about moving on and being strong while her former band dropped an album full of dense wallowing. But now she’s gone and dropped a spacey, R&B-indebted track with skittering drums that proves she knows the Dirty Projectors sound as well as anyone.

“Knows” is the third track from Coffman’s solo debut City Of No Reply. It follows the sunny bops of “No Coffee” and “All To Myself.” The upbeat nature of these tracks makes quite a bit of sense given that Coffman was completely caught off guard by the most-recent Dirty Projectors album.

“It was never my intention or wish to leave the band or end my friendship with Dave,” she said. “It was a surprise to me to learn last September about his album plans, the content, timing, use of the band name, etc… I consider it a loss to no longer be involved with Dirty Projectors, but ultimately walking away was the only healthy choice for me.”

Coffman also specifically crafted her album to be viewed outside of the breakup album narrative.

“I’m really proud of the album I made and my hope is that people will listen to it on its own terms,” he said. “I’ve waited a long time to share it and I’m looking forward to it.”

City Of No Reply is out June 2.