Anderson .Paak’s NSFW New ‘The Simpsons’ Tattoo Is Supremely Bizarre But Perfectly Cromulent

People from all walks of life get tattoos, so naturally, there’s a near-infinite variety of skin-adorning designs out there. Over the weekend, though, Anderson .Paak got what has to be one of the strangest ones, especially to fans of The Simpsons.

On November 20, Paak shared a post which he captioned, “RATE MY NEW TAT!” The gallery post shows off videos and photos of the tattoo, which is on Paak’s right bicep and is of a surreal combination of Marge and Homer Simpson. It shows Marge lifting her shirt, but her torso has been partially replaced with Homer’s head. However, Marge’s breasts have been made to look like Homer’s eyes. All in all, while it’s a bit odd, it’s a perfectly cromulent tattoo.

The past few months have actually been rich when it comes to musician tattoo news. Lil Nas X just got his first one ever, screaming in agony all the while. A tattoo removal studio recently offered to get rid of people’s Kanye West tattoos free of charge. Post Malone recently got another face tattoo, a big one on his forehead. Grimes is also considering a face tattoo, albeit a really different kind. Finally, this summer, it was revealed that Cardi B got a face tattoo.

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