Ariana Grande Warns Fans The ‘Spookiest Thing Going On’ This Halloween Is Still A Pandemic

Ariana Grande is currently celebrating the release of her sixth album, Positions, one that arrived with 14 tracks and guest features from Ty Dolla Sign, The Weeknd, and Doja Cat. Based on social media reactions, the majority of fans appear to really enjoy the new project. In the midst of all the praise and support she’s received for Positions, Ariana took a moment to remind fans to stay safe and “stay your asses home” on Halloween night as the coronavirus is spreading at an increased rate across several states in the US.

“Happy best day of the year everyone!” Ariana exclaimed in a post to Instagram. “Please dress up, take photos, get in your pjs and stay your asses home bc the spookiest thing going on tonight is still this massive pandemic.”

She would go on to share a similar message on Twitter, one she posted in agreement with a tweet from Tinashe. “please dress up, take pics, but then get in your pjs and watch some scary movies,” the singer said in her tweet. “going to parties right now is unsafe and absolutely not worth it. please be safe. happy halloween everyone !”

You can view her message in the post above.

Ty Dolla Sign is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.