ASAP Ferg Brings Back The Trap Lord In His Jittery ‘Value’ Video

ASAP Ferg resurrects his Trap Lord persona in the mind-melting video for his new single, “Value.” As the Harlem rapper insists that you “Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me now,” the jittery video rattles through clips of Ferg’s greatest hits, flashing shots of his various fashion shoots intercut with a wildly edited performance sequence.

Mid-way through the video, though, Ferg takes advantage of an intermission in the goth-trap insanity to comment on the current conditions of the coronavirus crisis not being shown in mainstream newscasts. As he delivers a somber voiceover, the camera rests on empty store shelves, homeless people sleeping on sidewalks, and shut-down storefronts. “The internet brought us closer — and closed stores,” he intones. “You’re just like me. I’m just like you. Look at me.”

“Value” is Ferg’s first new track of 2020, following his 2019 Floor Seats EP, which contained the singles “Pups,” two versions of “Wigs,” and “Floor Seats.” The EP was followed by the Big Sean collaboration “Bezerk,” which the duo performed at the 2019 VMAs, but Ferg’s been mostly quiet since then, aside from closing 2019 with the “Jet Lag” video. The fact that he’s once again releasing new music and calling himself Trap Lord suggests that a new release may well be on the horizon.

Watch the “Value” video above.