Asian Da Brat Hints She Wishes She Wasn’t Signed To Gucci Mane’s Label

Via Instagram

Asian Da Brat, formerly known as Asian Doll, has had a busy year. In October, the Dallas rapper signed to Gucci Mane’s record label, 1017 Eskimo Records, making her the first female signee since the record label’s foundation in 2007. She recently sat down with Fuse for an ASMR interview, where she talked about her experience with 1017 Records, but she later tweeted she wishes she was still independent.

Da Brat explained how she confronted Gucci and asked to be signed because she thinks she’s a young, female version of the rapper.

“Being the first lady means everything to me,” said Da Brat. “I’m only 22 and I’m the first lady, it makes me feel bossy to have that title.”

Less than a month after the interview aired, Da Brat seemed less than satisfied with the Guwop label. In a deleted tweet, the “Tweakin” rapper revealed she wishes she was still independent. “I wish I wasn’t signed I wish I was still independent doing my own thing.”

Asian Da Brat’s frustrated tweet could be nostalgia for the past. The rapper had gathered a large following while she was still independent. “I’ve been independent my whole career, I picked when I wanted to get signed,” she said in an interview with NYC radio station Hot 97. “I had deals coming like crazy. I had deals that was more than what I signed with Gucci for, but I still signed with them because I was like, nah, I need somebody behind me who is silent. I need somebody who’s not going to change me, who’s going to elevate me, who’s going to teach me.”