Bad Bunny Throws Jabs At Himself During A Hilarious, Wrestling-Style Video Ahead Of His ‘SNL’ Episode

Bad Bunny is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, in support of his new album, and it seems he’s already getting in on the laughs. In a new promo video on social media, it pokes fun at a wrestling format as an announcer (played by James Austin Johnson) greets Bad Bunny as his “normal” self Benito.

“How we feeling, Benito? Nervous?” Johnson asks.

“Hell no,” he responds.

Then, he is interrupted by none other than himself, as the Bad Bunny image. “Shut up, dummy,” his alter ego says. “I’m here.” He walks into the room wearing dark sunglasses and a wrestling belt slung over his shoulder.

“I’ve got a weekend update for you, amigo,” Bad Bunny tells his normal Benito counterpart. “You suck… You put the ‘L’ in SNL.”

“Please turn on my subtitles,” Benito tells the crew, before speaking in Spanish. “Thank you, because this idiot doesn’t know how to read… I’m gonna break your face, asshole!”

Benito and Bad Bunny exchange jabs at each other, similar to the roasts that happen on a regular wrestling night. At the end, the two stand face-to-face for a staredown, as Johnson encourages viewers to tune in this weekend.

Check out the promotional teaser for Bad Bunny’s SNL hosting gig below.