Infamous ‘WAP’ Hater Ben Shapiro Has Set His Sights On ‘Pound Town,’ So Sexyy Red And Nicki Minaj Both Reacted To The Criticism

Sexyy Red and Tay Keith have a hit on their hands with “Pound Town,” which received further attention when Nicki Minaj hopped on the remix, dubbed “Pound Town 2.” It’s a super saucy song, so naturally, people who aren’t into that sort of explicit lyric won’t love it. In that category of reaction content, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has become the ultimate purveyor of flabbergasted music responses since going viral for his reading of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” back in 2020.

Now, he has some thoughts about both “Pound Town” versions. Minaj and Red, though, are just brushing it off: Responding to a clip of Shapiro discussing “Pound Town,” Minaj tweeted, “Roman said leave his ass out of it sir! No pun intended.” Red also retweeted a six-second video of Shapiro reciting the “My coochie pink, my booty-hole brown” line of the song.

As for Shapiro’s take on “Pound Town” and the remix, he tackled the subject in a recent video from his Daily Wire outlet, in which he sarcastically calls the song “one of the great pieces of art in the history of Western civilization.” After breaking down some of Red’s background, he declared that “Pound Town” is so explicit that “it makes ‘WAP’ look childhood-friendly.”

He then played a clip from Red’s recent UPROXX Sessions performance of “Pound Town,” in which Red raps the opening verse: “I’m out of town, thuggin’ with my rounds / My coochie pink, my booty-hole brown / Where the n****s? I’m lookin’ for the hoes / Quit playin’, n****, come suck a b*tch toe.”

Shapiro could only snicker and laugh before immediately launching into some ad reads. After that, Shapiro recited the lyrics himself and questioned Minaj’s decision to hop on the remix. Shapiro acknowledged that his reading of the “Pound Town” lyrics will probably go viral, and since Minaj and Red themselves have caught wind of it, it seems like he was right on that one.

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