Beyonce Has Teamed Up With Adidas To Provide Financial Aid For Those Impacted By The Sudden Storms

Beyonce has never been one to turn her back on her native state of Texas, showing up to help in 2017 when a hurricane devastated the state, and offering support now that winter storms have left a huge population in the state without power or water. While a government official like senator Ted Cruz is planning a trip to Cancun to escape the conditions, and former Texan governor Rick Perry claims that going a week without power is worth it for the state’s electricity grid to remain independent, Beyonce is working with Adidas through her charity BeyGood to help local Houston non-profit Bread Of Life get aid to people who are suffering right now.

It’s almost like celebrities and entertainers have been forced to step into caregiver roles with suffering communities because the government is so inept and careless with the lives of its citizens?

“BeyGood and Adidas are working with Bread Of Life to bring urgent relief to those suffering as a result of the winter storms,” the post reads. “If you are in Texas, or any state affected by these storms, you can apply for assistance at breadoflife.oorg/disasterrelief.”

All those who are currently affected are encouraged to apply, though the application form itself notes that they will only be able to offer “one-time financial assistance.”

Applicants can request up to $1,000 for urgent, storm-related expenses.