Things Got Weird For Beyonce And Jay-Z At The NBA Finals And The Internet Loved It

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The Beyhive is in a frenzy after last night’s NBA Finals game between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors in Oakland, as TNT’s broadcast caught an awkward moment between Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their courtside neighbor that sparked a deluge of bee emoji comments on Instagram. It all started when a closeup of the hip-hop power couple captured Beyonce’s face going from excited to disgruntled as the woman in the seat to her left leaned over her to speak to Jay, sitting on her right:

It didn’t take long for the jokes to start flying about Beyonce’s distaste for this breach of social etiquette or for Beyhive members to track down the mystery woman, who turned out to be Nicole Curran, the wife of Warriors owner, Joseph Lacob. Before you could say, “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” Curran’s Instagram comments were swarmed in bee emojis thanks to the highly excitable and protective Beyhive.

The courtside drama provided as much entertainment for the citizens of social media as the game itself did, as Beyonce stans weighed in on the viral moment, providing plenty of reactions and reactions to their reactions from civilians. Even Curran felt the need to stick up for herself, posting a photo to her Instagram — with comments disabled, of course — of herself helping to fix Beyonce’s hair.

Even Beyonce herself posted a reaction, of sorts. Shortly after all the hubbub, a simple selfie appeared on her own Instagram, accompanied by a photo of herself and Jay enjoying themselves at the game as well as the video that started the fuss to begin with — albeit, with her miffed reaction cut out. Although it was presented without comment, it seems Queen Bey stayed up-to-date on all of last night’s happenings, as was just as amused as anyone other than poor Nicole Curran. Check out more reactions below: