Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance Tour’ Dancers: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Beyoncé’s massive Renaissance Tour is currently making its way across Europe, and fans are loving it. Between her dressing up as an actual bee to riding around on a tank, she pulled out all the stops on this one once again. The shows also wouldn’t be anything without the backup dancers, who have been with her through the rehearsal process and beyond.

Yesterday, the full credits for the tour were revealed — giving even more insight into who’s on her crew.

Here is everything to know about Beyoncé’s dancers during this tour.

Who Are Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Dancers?

Les Twins, also known as twin brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, returned to join another Beyoncé tour. The two appeared during the “7/11” interlude, starting at her opening night in Stockholm. They also returned to dance with her to “Thique.”

Honey Balenciaga has been another popular favorite of the tour dancers. She notably appears during the Ballroom segment, as well as some additional musical numbers. On Beyoncé’s website, she is credited as part of The Dolls, alongside Carlos Irizarry, Darius Hickman, and Jonté Moaning.

Another notable credit is the Dance Captain, Hannah Douglass.

Beyoncé’s full rest of the list of dancers include Aahkilah Cornelius, Ai Shimatsu, Aliya Janel, Alannah Wilhite, Amari Marshall, Brianna Pavon, Kyndall Harris, Lisa Sainvil, Nerita McFarlane, Simone Alston, Trinity Joy, Jus’t Chase, Kevin “Konkrete” Davis Jr., Rob Bynes, and Zavion Brown.

What Have Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Dancers Said About The Tour?

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour dancers talking about the actual tour has been a little hard to find. However, Les Twins have spoken about her in past interviews, regarding how she chooses dancers for musical numbers. “Before, we was in every number,” they told Revolt TV. “After that, she was like, ‘I want you in just this one, this one, and this one.’ Two-hour show, I come only three times. She’s like, ‘You’re a star to me. When you come through, it’s a wrap. You cannot be in every number.’ And I started to understand.”

How Much Do Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Dancers Get Paid?

While it’s unclear how much Beyoncé’s dancers are also getting paid on this tour, it is likely higher than before. Back in 2020, Rolling Stone had reported that her and other high-profile artists weren’t giving dancers very much. Her choreographer, JaQuel Knight, has previously pushed back against reports of her also only paying $250-per-day at shoots.

“Please run me the production company, the choreographer, the shoot dates, the dancers that have rehearsed and are shooting for these rates,” he responded. And, considering it’s a full tour rather than a shoot, there’s likely a high salary set.