Bia Spit More Than A Sweet ’16’ On Her New Rags-To-Riches Anthem Produced By AzizTheShake

Bia has come a long way since her reality TV days on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop. Although many rap music fans were introduced to the rapper from her viral song “Whole Lotta Money,” the Boston native has made it clear that she hasn’t always lived the fabulous life she bragged about her in the song (that spiked sales in Bottega Veneta heels).

On her new rags-to-riches single, “16,” produced by AzizTheShake, the musician shared just how far the rough road stretched before arriving in the lap of luxury.

The first verse opens with Bia rapping, “Waitеd my turn, now I’m havin’ that / I want that man, you can have him back / So sick of showin’ b*tches how to rap,” continuing, “Who the f*ck gon’ pay my bills, ho? / I ain’t even did my nails, ho / You gon’ make me beat your ass, at sixteen, I done had to pay my bail, ho / Dryin’ my clothes on the radiator / Movin’ in silence, can’t wake the neighbor.”

In the chorus, Bia doubles down on her come-up story, rapping, “I came from a place where there’s nobody to look up to / We weren’t broke together, tell me how the f*ck I trust you / I left mama house, b*tch, I ain’t have nowhere to run to.”

It is unclear if “16” is the lead single to any forthcoming project, but Bia did share with People that she has wrapped up her album and that “it should probably be out within maybe a spring, summer vibe.”

Listen to the song above.