Billie Eilish Finally Got To Meet Her Hero Justin Bieber At Coachella 2019

Getty Image

Billie Eilish gave an incredible performance at Coachella Saturday evening, but that wasn’t the only thrill the young singer experienced at the fest. Sunday night, during Ariana Grande‘s headlining set, Eilish got to live out her teenage dream and meet the artist she’s admired since she was a kid — Justin Bieber.

Along with many Gen Z listeners, Eilish loved Justin Bieber as a kid. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Eilish said that she geeked out when Justin Bieber followed her back on social media. “It started when I was, like, 12, I believe,” she confessed, adding that she had “big ass” posters of him on her childhood bedroom walls.

Only hours after Bieber tweeted that he was “proud” of Eilish for her superstar Coachella set, Eilish and Bieber finally met. Eilish is visibly overwhelmed and emotional when Bieber approaches her, and the crowd around them erupts into cheers when he approaches her for a hug. Some fans captured footage of the heartwarming moment, which you can watch below.

Eilish’s Coachella moment was huge, showing just how influential the 17-year-old has become. “‘I don’t deserve this at all,” she said at one point during her set, as Lady Gaga, Bieber, Travis Scott, and thousands of fans watched watched from the crowd. She does deserve it, though, and I guarantee there were some young artists and creatives in that crowd who are as inspired by her as she was by Bieber.