Billy Joel And Kevin Spacey Pull Focus From Your Coachella Gawking For A ‘New York State Of Mind’ Duet

Did you accidentally stumble over a man-shaped huddle on your way to the kitchen? Beware! That could be stealth celebrity duet gent Kevin Spacey impeding your progress.

As America’s youth were at Coachella doing drugs and having a think if Empire of the Sun are still of interest, America’s boomers were in MSG doing drugs (some of it Lipitor) and having a think about what pop-rock god Billy Joel would be like as a roommate. Among the festivities during Joel’s Manhattan concert was a surprise appearance Mr. K-PAX himself, Kevin Spacey. Using the time-honored tradition of fan filming, we can see Spacey arrive during “New York State Of Mind.” Joel and Spacey shared the song with a pleasant time being had by all. It’s not quite Spacey in Space, but what could be?

In addition to the surprise appearance from Spacey, there was also a period of the concert dedicated to a more somber subject. Joel honored the memory of the late J. Geils with a performance of “Centerfold.” Billy Joel is currently in a pact of monthly shows at Madison Square Garden with the next concert lined up for May 25. Well, provided the Rangers aren’t still in the playoffs.

(Via Rolling Stone)